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this is what tubby looks like underwater :))

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Tubby's Rebreather

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Latest Pictures from PNG Rebreather Trip  December 2004

Diving Newcastle NSW March 2005

Mods to the Jet Stream First stage October  2004

The StingRay Rebreather and its Beginings  December 2004

Latest Digital Photos with new Camera  August 2004

Rebreather Weekend January 2004

Where I Live

Hose lengths for the Dolphin CCR  September 2003

New Dolphin Frame and Shell  May 2003

Picture Gallery

New Gas Injection Valve Assembly  August 2003

Where to put gas into the loop  May 2003

Smallest Rebreather Ever by Dave Sutton  June 2003

Gordon's Kiss valve assembly by Dave Sutton 16th February 2003

Gordon's Kiss Valve dismantled by Kerry McKenzie   March 2002

The Largest Pressure Pot

Programming the Oxyguage  April 2002

Errol Harding's Abyss Closed Circuit Rebreather  December 2003 

My Rebreather Mods During The Design Stages  from 1998-2003

Tubbies Final Dolphin # 3 CCR      November 2002

My Diving History

How I got started into Rebreathers

Links To Other Rebreather Sites

Cleaning your Rebreather

Other Dolphins what others are doing with the Dolphin closed circuit design.

Legal views on Rebreathers check out this newspaper clipping however the text is not the best but it is readable  

Diving On the Bayonet Chris and John diving their CCR Dolphins on the Wreck  June 2003

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