Here are just a few shots for those who were unable to
attend this world class diving conference.

Special note
A special thank you to Richard Taylor for making this such a fine
event and to all who contributed

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The smiling faces of Oztek  3

Mike Wescombe-Downs checks out the Abyss Closed Circuit Rebreather belonging to
Errol Harding, this is a totally home built unit and is very slick with much thought gone
into its design.

Colkan International recreational rebreather specialists had some *very nice gear*
There were many nice closed circuit rebreathers on display including a proto-type

about to be launched on the market soon.

Most of the units on this stand were MK 15's all slightly modified by their owners for
different types of diving. However there was plenty of open circuit tek equipment on
display also.

Now that's what I call a TANK....!! Kind of make the BC look tiny doesn't it. My reg of choice
was also on display however the new models are far too high performance for rebreathers.


Mike Wescombe-Downs had his new Shark Sheild on display and what an impressive
piece of equipment it was including actual footage of it in use with Great White Sharks


Scuba Ware House with lots of goodies as can be seen on their stand, Apollo was also on display with regulators and BC's and accessories.

    Dive Rite also had a nice selection

Frog Dive had some excellent HID Lamps  and ScubaPro/Uwatec had nice compact twin sets

and dive computers.

Performance Sports Scuba with Digitals plus housings, OMS showing wings, and harnesses.

Note the mini suit from Oceandry Dry suits and Rogue had a safety sausage for all types :))

This booth had good info on wreck sites in Victoria and Zeagle did what it does best


DiveTeks  Darryl Waters (aka OxyBoy) on the left had an excellent display of O2 sensors
and analysers along with Trevor Jacksons Buddy Inspiration displaying DiveTek sensors
used on the record breaking 177 metre wreck dive off Brisbane this year.


Here is a closer look at the array of sensors along with, if you look closely a stack of
DiveOz stubby coolers and on the right was Pro Diving Services with a good range of compressors oils and Nitrox panels and filters.

DeSat - TecRec offering trips to many famous wrecks while Alpha Diving Products had

some nice Torches,  Reels and Tank bands.

More shots of compressors, filters, and oils     Of course this man needs no introduction!
and Nitrox panel in the background from          It was nice to finally meet Barry and Belinda
Pro Diving Services.

Sacha Dench certain does challenge the limits       Diving Adventures had a lot of exotic
With just *ONE BREATH* Sacha gave a very        locations to choose from when going on
interesting talk on free diving and we all learned   your next diving holiday.
a little more about this fascinating sport.

It was good to see the diving magazines all          And it goes without saying, that these
contribute to Oztek 3.                                           smiling faces working the hours made
                                                                                Oztek 3 the huge success that it was.

Now to my favourite part, "Rebreathers" as you can see it was good to see the turn out of
rebreathers for the static display and workshop. From left to right we have the homebuilt
Abyss closed circuit rebreather, a modified Inspiration rebreather, a closed circuit Dolphin
Rebreather, a Ray semi closed circuit rebreather. Front row left was an Azimuth semi closed circuit rebreather,and a Dreager FGG semi closed circuit rebreather.

Here are some closer shots of the three closed circuit rebreathers on the table.

A closer look at the Azimuth Semi Closed          This display was brilliant, and it had many
circuit rebreather, much larger than I had        many people watching the underwater videos
imagined and quite heavy too.                              on that excellent Plasma screen, thanks Sony.
Pacific Commercial had a mini Rove on display     The Kiwi dive magazine Dive Paciffic was
in the tank and on the back wall some beaut        on display with some nice pictures.
Kirby Morgan breakaway full face masks just perfect for rebreathers.
Captain Mike Hatcher, a true modern day        Chris Parret Abysmal Diving with a display
wreck hunter gave not only and extremely       of Abyss regs and accessories including
interesting talk on salvaging treasure but        the latest version of his famous dive tables
had some bootie on display also.

Ashleworth Diving including Dave Appeley's dual Inspiration when simply one rebreather isnt enough.


Richard Taylor still managed a stand even  though he was flat strap with organisation


Here is Errol Harding showing us all the inner workings of his totally home made "Abyss rebreather.



More shots of the Abyss Rrebreather while on the right Dr Bill Stone prepares for his next lecture


Above and below Richard Taylor looses his hair for a good cause, NSW Safety Rescue Helicopter



As the hair comes off Simon Hadwin displays his Inspiration Rebreather complete with enlarged bailout cylinders for dilutent and Oxygen


A rear view of Simons rebreather and a close-up shot of Dr Bill Stone


Here I am trying to explain the inner workings of a closed circuit Dolphin....dont think I,m having much luck judging from the expressions on most listeners faces?  


And last me modeling Dr Errol Harding's closed circuit Abyss Rebreather, its a nice unit and is detailed further on the website, plus is going into production in 2004.  

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