Subject: Dave Suttons KISS valve assembly and
fitting photos

Photos and text from Dave Sutton

Photo 1: All items laid out in order, with the green hose stubs representing
what would be longer hoses to and from the KISS valve. On the left, the
KISS valve. In a line on the top is the inlet side, and on the bottom the
outlet side.

Photo 2: Detail of the inlet side. On left, the KISS valve, which
comes furnished with an adapter to 1/4 inch tube fitting. To the
right of the KISS valve is a Swagelok 1/4 tube to 1/8 NPT male
adapter, into which screws the 15 micron filter (female inlet
and outlet of 1/8 NPT). Into the filter screws a 1/4 turn ball valve
with 1/8 NPT male outlet and 1/8 NPT inlet, and into that screws
a 1/8 male NPT to 1/4 inch barb fitting. The hose will slip over this barb.

Photo 3: The outlet side. From the KISS valve on the left, the next
fitting is a Swagelok 1/4 tube to 1/8 NPT female adapter. Into that
screws the 1/8 NPT to barb fitting. This is the simple side, and the
02 supply hose will lip over the barb to run back to the rebreather.

Photo 4: The outlet hose. Using the BC inflate hose quick-coupling,
salvaged from the other end of the scrapped BC hose, make a second hose running from the KISS outlet back to the rebreather. Use the same process to secure the hose. This allows quick coupling of the hose to the rig, and makes attachment of a test gauge and flow meter to the KISS assembly for pre-dive checking. You then simply install the other half of a BC quick coupling (not shown, but available from any good dive shop) on the rig in a suitable position and you are done.

Photo 5: The Inlet hose. Basically, you take a standard BC inflator hose
and carefully cut off the ends and then remove the old brass (chrome plated)
crimp-on ferrule that was used by the factory. Discard the old hose
or keep it for another project. Re-use the supply fitting (3/8-4 UNF)
on one end of a new hose (bulk hose bought from McMaster-Carr)
and attach the other end to the supply side of the now-assembled
KISS injector. Secure the ends with the stainless steel Oetger clamps
and tool, as shown. These are also McMaster-Carr parts. You can use
a pair of cutting pliers as a tool if you do not wish to buy the correct
Obviously, the hose stub is just a sample. Make it as long as you require.

Photo 6: The odd $1000 worth of Swagelok fittings, KISS valve, Delrin
first stage blocking plugs, etc., that every rebreather builder ought to have
on his bench... ;-). This is one of perhaps 10 that are on the bench
here in the little diveshop of horrors.

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