Gas Injection System
for the Dolphin


Having completed a series of CCR mods to Franks rebreather based on my original set up. I was pleased to see that after changing a second Dolphin that its performance equaled my own unit proving that the changes made could be duplicated. The approach was a simple one by removing the Dosing head from the centre of the breathing bag and placing it in the exhalation bag where the OP valve would normally be placed. To do this it was just a matter of unscrewing the OP valve from the bag and replacing it with a "P" connector.


 The above shots show the OP valve removed and "P" connector in its place, while the second shot shows the dosing head sitting in the exhalation bag.



The next couple of shots show how nicely the dosing head sits 
between the hoses without obstruction.

And last is the completed rebreather with two oxyguages fitted and a new BC mounted to the shell. Using this configuration, all hoses are spiral wrapped and fit neatly on the outside of the rig leaving the bag very uncluttered and free from obstruction.

21st April 2002 Pool trials with the new gas injection system

25th April 2002 Ocean trails with the new gas injection system

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