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Last updated 9th May 2004



Latest digital pictures taken   14th September 2003

Latest Digital Photos Taken       March 2004

Latest Digital Photos Taken     9th May 2004




Me after a long deco, back in the days of open circuit wreck diving This was taken after diving the "Elyus E" a fishing trawler lying in 55metres (180 feet) of water of the coast of Townsville.

This picture has a lot of meaning when you dive
deep on air. As soon as I saw this picture I could relate immediately what its like when you are battling a narc hit when deep on air. I can remember one such dive hanging off the tyres at the stern of the trawler saying to myself focus, focus, focus ;-)) I spotted it on a web site and did some mods to it and put both Franks and my name on the characters. The trawler was called by mistake in the newspaper as the Dallas D. And hence the name of the wreck at the bottom. I believe the original picture was part of a calendar, I would love to get a copy if anyone recognizes this picture please drop me an email.



Pool testing the Dolphin CCR
After all the theory and thought it was time to do the pool testing to see if the thing would actually work. This consisted in swimming around the pool as fast as I could without fins to drive up the work effort, and at the same time working the loop pp02 to see how it would behave. I was extremely pleased to see it worked faultlessly, but the real workout of course is in the ocean.



L to R Kerry McKenzie
Frank Feather & Brian Nadwidny
Diving at Lake Eacham in North Queensland, this lake is 67 meters deep and was originally
a crater of a volcano. It is an interesting dive with lots of native marine life to see in the first 30 m after that its lights and lots of mud!


Franks and my Rebreather next to Ross's twins
My dive buddy Frank Feather's rebreather next to mine, with Ross Rockstro's twin 100's
on the far right. We get 4-5 hours on our rebreathers regardless of depth which is equal
to about three sets of twins on open circuit.


Danny Cross diving his Atlantis in Sydney Harbour
Dan is a mate from Sydney (originally from New Orleans) who is a keen rebreather diver when he's not running his restaurant The New Orleans Cafe, if your in Crows Nest Sydney
you should check it out! You cant eat, drink and talk rebreathers at the same time :-))



Frank Feather first time CCR in lake Eacham NQ Australia
This worked really well but Frank was not entirely happy with the manual only injection system I was employing at the time.


Me trying to get my fingers bitten Bowen NQ
 I was on my breather and found a baby Moray Eel, I was trying to coax him out of his home for a better look but he wouldn't be in it. Photo taken by Mark Carney



How to relax in the tropics after a dive.
Frank Feather and myself relaxing after another wonderful dive at "The Rocks".
This is a rocky stretch of coastline off Magnetic Island 5 miles off the coast from Townsville where I live. This spot has the biggest Queensland Grouper I have ever seen.....I kid you not! One is around the size of a small car and needs to be approached with a degree of caution. The only other spot I have seen Grouper the same size or bigger is on the Yongala Wreck just south of Townsville.




Frank Feather, Barry Gill & me diving off Townsville This was one of those one off shots that we all thought wasn't going to work, trying to line up the digital camera from behind a salt laden windscreen of the boat, then set the auto exposure and get back in position with dive kit on before it went off!   Lucky shot;-))





Mike Wescombe-Downs diving a Lar V1 military O2 rebreather in South Australia

Those of you out there may know Mike who designed and built the Shark Shield






Left is Frank Feather, Brian Nadwidny, and me after completing a weekend of diving the wrecked fishing Trawler "Elyus E".
She lies in 55 meters (180 feet) of water off the coast of Townsville and we would usually spend 20 minutes bottom time on her.
However we did cut some tables using Will Smithers Z planner and put in 30 minutes on the bottom. It is a very nice wreck to dive when the conditions are right and and there is heaps of marine life on the wreck.



This is Ross Rockstro another buddy who dives with us.
Can you notice something odd about this picture, look closely
and you will see he is wearing sneakers on this particular dive.
It is in the shark tank at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Aquarium in Townsville. (nice one Ross!)



This is a shot of the beach on Polorus Island
Polorus Island is the northern most island in the Palm Island group and are situated 60klms
north of Townsville. Below is another shot from the rain forest edge where is meets the ocean. A large fringing coral reef is just off the beach and drops down to a sandy flat before dropping off again to a 30m (100ft) channel.










The local dive club have been going to this spot to camp for many years and makes for a wonderful weekend of diving and relaxing in the sun. Diving is good here all year round. Below are a few club shots from camping weekends.
One of the driving forces in the dive club Ken Garnett

Left Ken preparing to go for a dive. Right, there's been many a good joke told around the camp fire on these trips.




Jeff Freeborne with the task of filling scuba tanks.










Australia Day Long weekend Frank and I plus partners camped on Polorus
Right is a shot of the magic sunsets we had including our boat moored off the edge of the reef.


This shot is of Simon Hadwin from Sydney shown here returning from a dive. Simon owns an Atalntis and also a Buddy Inspiration being dived in photo.

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