Programming the Oxyguage

These pages have been posted to show what I have done to my rebreather only.
If you cant get your head around your own rebreather, you wont get your head around mine!
If for any reason you copy any of my ideas for yourself, then you do so at your own risk.

I will not be responsibly for your actions

Make no mistake you are messing with life support systems,


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Changing the settings to International, for the Dreager Oxyguage

It is worth mentioning that on powerup the display will read "L13"
I chose to alter the PPo2 settings to suit my diving by changing the
"L" figure on start up.
L12, L13, L14, L18 are equivalent to 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.8 maximum ppo2 settings
before the Oxyguage will go into alarm.
The Oxyguage comes standard set to a maximum PPO2 of 1.3.
I altered these settings to suit my diving requirements, here are the  
steps I used to make the changes.

I did the following..........
             1.   Remove the cover assembly and battery, be sure to tap the front cover
                  button once to discharge the internal capacitor.

            2.  Install the battery, Do not install the battery retainer.

           3.  Wait for L13 to appear on the display, followed by the software version.

            4.  Within 15 seconds, tap the front button 6 times. The display should
                   read "L13"

           5. Tap the front button once to advance the display to "L14".
                   Or you can keep advancing the settings from "L12 - L18" by tapping
                   the front button once each step.

           6. Once you have chosen the setting you require tap the front button
                   twice to accept the new selection or three taps to cancel the selection.

            7. You must verify that the display reads 0.00 with no oxygen sensor fitted.

           8.  Install the battery retainer, Lightly lubricate the O-ring with silicon grease
                     or Molykote. Place the O-ring into the bottom cover assembly. Screw the
                     bottom cover assembly onto the Oxyguage body finger tight plus an
                     additional 1/4 turn until the horn beeps. After several seconds the horn
                     will sound. Acknowledge the horn by tapping once.

             9. Turn the unit off by tapping the button three times pausing then tapping twice.

        10. Turn the unit on by tapping the button twice, pausing then tapping the
                     button twice again.
                     Verify that the display reads the setting you have chosen.

This now completes the reprogram of the Oxyguage.

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