Final Hose Lengths for the Dolphin CCR

All lengths quoted are from end of brass re-useable fitting to end of brass re-useable fitting
Oxygen Regulator Poseidon Cyklon 3950  first stage only positioned on the divers left hand side tank 2.6 liter pony inverted.
Starting with the first stage, over the shoulder to metering valve hose length is 1200mm
And from 02 reg to base of contents gauge, over the shoulder, original Dreager gauge hose length is 960mm
From metering valve back to dosing device on top of shell, hose length is 555mm

Dilutant Regulator Poseidon Cyklon 3959 first stage only positioned on divers right hand side tank 2.6 liter pony inverted.
From first stage over shoulder, behind the neck and down the left hand side to the Air-2 second stage regulator 1200mm
Contents gauge from first regulator to base of gauge 860mm (could be 960mm would be better)
From the base of first stage up along the shell and across to the dosing device 600mm.

All hoses are 8mm 1/4 inch diameter and are terminated with 1/4 inch re-useable hose ends.


And here is the finished job nice and neat


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