The Kiss Method of O2 Injection

Thanks must go to Gordon Smith from Canada  for the pictures of
his KISS gas injection valve


After originally diving my Dolphin in the CCR mode for some time I began looking for another method of adding O2 into the loop without using electronics. I am not a fan of saltwater and electronics in the first place so using this method for a life support system was pretty scary. I know it is used in other models of rebreathers but when you live in the tropics as I do humidity is a real problem for electronics of any description, and then add saltwater as well ;-(( And that's before you include the batteries! After some discussion on the Dolphin rebreather list in the U.K. Dave Sutton happened to mention Gordon Smiths approach to the situation by adding O2 to the loop at as close to normal metabolic rate as possible. I emailed Gordon and asked him about his Kiss system and he was kind enough to send me some pictures of his injection system. I might add from an engineering point of view this system is very impressive because it is, so simple.



The method is simply NOT to attempt to replace the manual addition valve found on CCR rebreathers but to add enough O2 so as to make for loop adjustments every half hour or more instead of every 4-5 breaths as with the original manual addition system I used. The setup works so well that it almost eliminates the decay rate in the loop.


Gordon does sell these valves if you talk to him nicely but obviously demand out strips supply so you might have to wait a little bit.

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