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The Final Dolphin, #3
The final mods to the CCR project....at last:)


This page is covering the Final Dolphin
I call this the Dolphin MK3 as it is the third modification to the rig
since all this CCR stuff took over from the original SCR rebreather.

This final web page on the rebreather in its present form, I  don't intend
to do more mods on this unit as I feel that nearly four years of playing
is enough. Now its time to get out there and just enjoy it.

The first thing was to pretty it up a little bit with a brand new Sea Quest Black Diamond Buoyancy compensator. This one was quite different from the old early versions of the BC that I had come to enjoy diving so much.

Attachment of the B.C. to the shell was exactly the same as the older Sea Quest BC
I had to move one bracket slightly to accommodate the wider spacing between the holes
but was no major problem.
For more detail on the A frame attachment to the shell see the My Rebreather page.

I had no idea what a difference this was going to make to the rebreather with both shear comfort in and out of the water plus the stability and balance far exceeded my expectations.
The reason for this choice is the lift plus the design lends itself so well to a rebreather.
If you look at this picture you will see the tank trim weight pockets. These are perfectly in line with the main counter lung and enable the rig to be trimmed without adding extra weight to the shell.


Next was to tidy up the tank mounts, to do this channel aluminum was cut down and a slot milled in the side. The  "C" channel was then shaped using an angle grinder to fit snugly to the shell and maintain  both tanks parallel to each other.


The two main parts now used are the Clippard Minimatics MJV-2 manual bypass valve
and the Swadgelok fine metering valve B-SM2-S2-A

The above picture shows the manual bypass valve, and sweated to the main body is the
Swadgelok metering valve. This makes a nice sized package and is easy to use.
The metering valve is ported directly through the brass body saving space in the process.
Below is a picture of the prototype made up for testing and you can see the difference in

The next shot is of the shell where it is uncluttered with the only hoses entering the space
are for the oxyguage. All other hoses run up the side between the  cylinders and the shell.

The hoses have been loomed like a wiring harness, this keeps them neat and out of the road. The dosing head has been moved from the main breathing bag to the exhalation bag.
You can see from the photos above that the breathing bag is now completely uncluttered
making setup nice and easy. Also if you have a problem it can be accessed easily.
By moving the dosing head to the exhalation bag has made a big difference to the gas mixing and stability of the loop ppo2 also.


Photo above shows the Dosing Head mounted in-between the two hoses and since this picture
was taken we have replaced the 32% jet I was using as a flow restrictor and replaced it with a simple brass plug with a 1/64th hole drilled in the middle, this works well and does not require the maintenance that the jet did.

Two oxyguages have been mounted in the breathing bag. You will see by the pictures that the whole bag system is now uncluttered and the hosing runs up the outside if the shell between the wing and the cylinders. This makes assembly and testing for leaks a lot easier to do and
with no BC in the road or hoses is very neat layout.
This is a natural place for it and it is completely out of the road.


The very last job was to finally refit the over pressurization valve back into the loop after diving with it out of the system for a time. And it is nice to have an op safety mechanism back in the unit just in case I forget to turn off the 02.

With the setup now finished I find diving the rig very easy.
I have around sixty hours up now and feel it is about as good as it gets.

Since writing this I have another thirty odd hours up on the rig in its present configuration.
Basically the more I am using it the better it is getting and now I am happy to just dive the Rig.
Our new project is helping Barry Gill with is Dreager Ray CCR rig and to get a couple of
spare Dolphins for parts and to make up another two CCR rigs, for spares.
If you have any questions on anything that I have done please feel free to contact me as I will be more than happy to reply
My email address is tubby@vk4tub.org

Ok its time to go diving........:))

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