The Dolphin CCR Rebreather on the Wreck

of the Bayonet  

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The Bayonet lies in 83m of sea water off the coast of Melbourne in an area known as the ships graveyard, John Dalla-Zuanna and Chris Law dive this wreck often weather permitting. What makes this so special is not the wreck but the diving equipment they are using.  To be able to attain reasonable bottom times without excessive gas consumption John and Chris began converting  their Dreager Dolphin SCR rebreathers back in 2002 to what is generally called closed circuit rebreathers or CCR for short. After talking with me at length at Oztek3 plus some long hours on the phone John and Chris successfully cloned my rebreather and adapted it for their deeper dives. I believe they have now successfully cloned another 5 units.

The main reason I have taken so much interest in what John and Chris are doing is because they have been able to take my Dolphin closed circuit design to its final stage of testing. I began in 1998 with the help of Frank Feather to close the loop on the Dolphin but was never able to take it deep. The handicapp of living close to the barrier reef is, you need to travel a long way out to find deep water and then you need to take a shovel. So I was quite excited when I recieved a call from Chris Law on his mobile while steaming back into port after the completion of the first 82 meter dive. His words were "Tubby it worked like clockwork". I always new it would perform well at those depths but there is nothing like actually doing it. 

Here are some captured video shots of the guys on their Closed Circuit Dolphins at 82 meters diving the Bayonet. I hope to get more shots shortly as they become available.

All photographs were taken by Kym Sutterby












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