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Radio Nets :    

    Ann Renton Memorial Ladies Net :
    VK4RAT VHF Repeater, Monthly, Mondays following Management Meeting, 7-00pm (0900UTC).
    Net Control: Jeanette Mann

    This net gives a chance to meet on-air and discuss topics that YL's and XYL's want to discuss.
    If you are not licensed, no problem - just snaffle the licensed hubby or friend to be nearby
    to help you get on-air and to satisfy the second-operator requirements of the ACA.
    The net is not just limited to ladies - gents can join as well provided you have something YL to say !

    Gnarly Net : all the morse and voice you can eat for breakfast!
    3600kHz daily from 6am  (2000UTC).
    Morse segment net control : Rob/VK4ARM and Eric/VK4EDN
    Voice Segment net control : Ron/VK4BF

    Microwave Net: discussion regarding millimetric experimentation 70cm and above
70cm and 23cm voice repeaters from 9pm (1100UTC) most Monday evenings.
    Net Control : Don/VK4MC                                          BACK TO TOP

News Transmissions :

     WIA News
      9-00am (2300UTC) Sundays,
      3605, 7118, 10135, 14341.9, 21175, 28400kHz SSB from Brisbane
      52525kHz from Delaneys Creek by Bruce/VK4BOO
      7070kHz from Ingham by Felix/VK4FUQ

     Programme sourced from HF News feeds from Brisbane or
     WIA MP3 Files.
Callback net conducted on repeaters
     after retransmission. Click here to grab the files for yourself !

     North Queensland Net, Regional Club News
     8-00pm (1000UTC) Sundays,
     3605.4kHz (+,- for QRM) with prior call-ins at 7-30pm (0930UTC)
     Retransmitted on VK4RAT VHF Repeater.
     Live news transmissions from regional clubs plus the very comprehensive
     VK4FNQ DX Report. Net control calls in all clubs in North Queensland.
     Callback nets conducted after the news on 80m and VHF.       BACK TO TOP

Callback Nets :

    WIA News Callback Net:
    HF and 6m retransmitters have a call-in net, in most cases approx
    half an hour before retransmission commences.
    There is also a callback net immediately following the
    retransmission and listeners are invited to call in with reception
    reports, comments on programme content and other items of interest
    for anyone else on net.

    VK4RAT VHF & UHF Repeaters, Sunday mornings.
    Net control by duty retransmitter or designated substitute.
    There is normally an announcement approx 5 mins before the
     retransmission commences. Immediately following the
     retransmission a callback net is conducted as per the HF
     callback nets, plus reception reports across the bands
     to be included in the weekly dispatch to QNEWS central.


TARC North Queensland Retransmitting Group -

     Sunday mornings      Gavin VK4ZZ     Don VK4MC     Lyndall VK4ZM
     Sunday evenings      Bob VK4AAH     Gavin VK4ZZ     Bob VK4WJ
     Want to join the retransmit team ? drop theTARCinc a line !

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