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This page contains only generic information about Node 6444
for the full monty go to the Townsville IRLP Master's Website

  Intro to Node 6444

theTARCinc Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)
has been established to experiment with radio to
internet interface technology, reliability of Linux-based computing platforms
and increase knowledge in Voice Over Internet Protocol setup and operation.
As a side benefit, the project also increases the average user's knowledge
of his or hers transceiver in having to activate DTMF commands .

The project also benefits the IRLP user in that
to get the most out of the system, the user has to practice good on-air
ettiquete. Of course the project also benefits those operators who, for various reasons,
cannot maintain a well-equipped HF station and still want to contact
other stations across other regions, across other states, across other countries.

  Using Node 6444

It is good radio etiquette that you announce to others on the local repeater
and on the distant node what you are and what you are doing.
That way everyone is in the know and is less likely to barge in on
your contact unawares or get annoyed at all the unidentified beeping tones.

- Tune up to the VK4RAT UHF Voice Repeater,
listen on 438.225MHz and transmit on 433.225MHz
- Listen to ensure there is no other activity happening on the repeater !
- Announce yourself and your intentions
e.g. "This is VK4XYZ activating IRLP connection"

- Send the 4 digit DTMF tone for the node that you want and then
wait ten seconds, then wait a little bit more (to allow for network congestion)
- If you have been successful you will then hear the distant node connect message
- Listen again to ensure there is no other activity happening at the other end !
- Announce yourself and then either call CQ or a particular station
e.g. "This is VK4XYZ on IRLP connection from Townsville Australia
calling CQ and standing by"

- When you have finished with the node and said farewell to everyone
send the 2 digit DTMF tone 73 to end the node connection and then announce
that you are finished with the node
e.g. "This is VK4XYZ, IRLP connection concluded"

  Thanks from Node 6444

The project would not have lifted off the ground without some help from some
very special people -
- Thanks to Andrew/VK4CRT and Ronnee/VK4CO for the donation of the
IRLP Control Card and documentation
- Thanks to Rob/VK4RB, TARC's first "IRLP Master" for the hardware
and operating system upgrades, installation, wrangling and wrestling
- Thanks to Peter/VK2YX, Australia's IRLP Guru, for help with commissioning
of the IRLP system
- Thanks to Don/VK4MC, TARC's "Technician", for the production, conversion
and wrangling of Node 6444's Philips PRM80 Transceiver
- Thanks to Gerry/VK4HT, ACMA's Northern Australia Manager, for guidance
with the legal requirements for the IRLP system
- Finally, thanks to the Members of theTARCinc for wanting to play
with IRLP and clamouring for a node in Townsville

  Regional Nodes

For the world-wide node list > select link to IRLP World Home Page
For a customised node list > select link to Townsville IRLP Masters Website
Here are some node numbers for nearby(ish) IRLP systems to
break your teeth on.
Once you have got the hang of doing IRLP contacts try and get
a bit more adventurous - have a look at the
Townsville IRLP Masters custom node listing or even the complete listing at the IRLP World
Home Page and make some overseas contacts.
Cairns 6480 - gives you access to VK4RCA VHF Repeater and coverage of Cairns City,
the immediate region and parts of the Atherton Tablelands
Townsville 6444 - gives you access to VK4RAT UHF Repeater and
coverage of Townsville and Thuringowa cities and parts of the
Dalrymple hinterlands
Mackay 6450 - gives you access to the VK4RMK VHF Repeater and coverage
of Mackay city, the immediate region south to Sarina and north to Bloomsbury and
westwards up the Pioneer River valley
Mackay 6741 - gives you access to the VK4RBM VHF Repeater and coverage
of Mackay city, the Pioneer valley, vast tracts of country adjoining the
Peak Downs Highway and eastern portions of the Central Highlands
Rockhampton 6973 - gives you access to the VK4RAR VHF Repeater and
coverage of Rockhampton city, the immediate region including the
Capricorn Coast, west to Westwood, north to Marlborough
and south to Benaraby

Others to try -
Ipswich 6782 - Gold Coast 6405 - Browns Plains (Brisbane) 6402
Bayside (Brisbane) 6408 - Darwin 6800

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