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Latest TARC Happenings
The TARC news dispatch updated weekly.

WICEN Field Operations for Comms Support
watch Backscatter and QNEWS dispatches for notice of operations.

Ham n Eggs on the Beach
watch Backscatter and QNEWS for notice of the next
Amateur Radio Beach Brekkie Session.

Pot Luck Dinners
watch Backscatter and QNEWS for notice of the next
Pot Luck Dinner and Musical Evenings.

The North and Far North Queensland Amateur Radio Get Together

The sound the Cassowary makes as it swallows your radio !
The mid year meeting of hams from Townsville,  Cairns, Atherton
and many other places far and wide !

Australia Day Campout
The weekend closest to Australia Day 26th January,
at a relaxing and affordable camping
Field operations, antenna clinics, demonstrations of different operating modes,
vertical ascent practice and lots of leisure activities.

John Moyle Field Day
3rd weekend in March at a choice portable operations venue.

North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention
The stellar event on the world-wide Radio Amateur calendar.
Held bi-ennially since 1973 the Convention is a great place to meet people,
participate in the latest advances in radio technologies and get that
new or pre-loved piece of equipment you've always wanted to grab.

MXLT - The TARC Monster Xmas Lights Tours
trundling about the suburbs of many distant cities, gazing in
awe at the dazzling displays and listening to the tour guide
commentary on 146.5MHz with perfect BBC armchair copy.

theTARCinc Xmas Party and Monster Auction
Cool waters - great food - excellent company plus
some terrific treasure to be had with TWO auctions -
Christmas aways comes early for Radio Amateurs !

International Lighthouse - Lightship weekend
A chance in August to participate in an international
event whilst activating a local luminescent monolith!
A chance to operate from a unique locality !

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