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  Purpose -
  theTARCinc radio beacons have been established to provide
  several radio transmission sources of known frequency,
  precision and position to aid experimenters, scientists and
  industry in the following functions -
  - numerous types of propagation of RF energy
  - RF sources for the checking of equipment on-air
 Site and contact details -
    VK4RTL Mount Stuart       582metres ASL.
    ACA Licence No. 1443678
    19 Degrees 20 Minutes 43.3 Seconds South, 146 Degrees 46 Minutes 47.0 Seconds East
    UTM/UTP 55K 0476865 - 7860937            Maidenhead Grid Locator     QH30jp
    Report any happenings to phone number 07-47797869 (international +61-7-47797869)
    Send any requests for QSL to either the Club's official address
    or the Club's email address

    (ensuring you remove the anti-spam QRM first)

Beacon details -

     10m - 28.270MHz, 100HF1A 5W (pY) vertical
       6m - 50.087MHz, 850HF1A 10W (pY) vertical gp
       2m - 144.445MHz, 850HF1A 10W (pY) vertical
  70cm  - 432.445MHz, 850HF1A 10W (pY) vertical
  23cm - 1296.444MHz, 850HF1A  2W(pY) vertical dipole

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