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MXLT - The Monster Xmas Lights Tour
    (MXLT - unpronouncable but true!)

The TARC Monster Xmas Lights Tour will be happening in 2003 !

The tour mobiles will assemble from Friday 19th December at 6pm at the
Garbutt Shopping Centre Carpark, entry via Gorden Street
(yep the street that Gorden Tallis is named after ! )

BYO gastronomic delights and drinkies for dinner in a commercial sunset setting.
After consuming the delights wander over to the displays across the road and
see if you can correctly count the number of Steve Prices in each display!

Once darkness falls the XMAS Lights Display group mobiles will proceed in
tag-a-long fashion under the guidance of Wallaby Bob and Jeanette.

The TARC Monster Xmas Lights Tour will be joined by Mr and Mrs Santa
and will tour all the best light displays in the Townsville / Thuringowa area
until late in the evening with lots of stops along the way to allow the group
to get out and appreciate the larger displays and talk
to the people who have laboured long and hard to put the displays together.

Tour participants are asked to be self sufficient with seating, tables, drinkies
and nibblies and dress up for the occasion!
A running commentary of the light displays plus positional information for
any stragglers will take place on 146.500MHz simplex.
Not used to driving at night or without wheels for the tour?
Let theTARCinc know so one of the tour participants can pick you up!

Got any questions? Contact your MXLT organiser of renown - Wallaby Bob.

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