North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention

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Last updated 8th April 2005

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The Convention is a biennial event held at a venue
somewhere  in North Queensland by one of several active
Amateur Radio  Clubs in the region.

The aims and objects of the Convention very closely echo

those of the international hobby of Amateur Radio.
These aims and objects primarily point to providing a
venue that :
-    promotes self training in radiocommunications.
-    enhances social contact with all peoples interested in radio

-    stimulates interest in the different facets of radio technology as a hobby.
-    showcases benefits to the community that Amateur Radio can provide.
-    Introduces the regional aspects to newcomers of the hobby.
-    Acts as a focal point for future planning in the hobby.

    The 2005 Convention is being held from Friday evening 16th September until
    Sunday afternoon 18th September. This will be the 17th time the Convention    has been held - 32 years of showcasing Amateur Radio in North Queensland.
   The Convention is dedicated to the spirit of trailblazers in the hobby, whether

   it be the technical, operational or policy areas of Radio Technology.

    The Convention will be hosting such diverse activities as:
    *   technical lectures  
    *   trade displays by manufacturers, dealers, and  special interest groups
    *   demonstrations of several facets of the hobby including Direction Finding,
         Computer enhanced communications and long distance communications
    *   social functions
    *   display of self-made equipment and handicrafts 
    *   future planning talks
    *   used equipment sales and monster auction

    Members and Committee of The Townsville Amateur Radio Club (Inc)
    hope you enjoy the Convention and look forward to any positive feedback
    that you can provide to improve the event.

    Gavin Reibelt VK4ZZ – 2005 NQ Amateur Radio Convention Co-ordinator