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Hi there Kerry - long time no drivel from this end
Thought I had better send you a WA Correspondent report for your website / newsletter - just to make you all jealous of our trip to the Abrolhos - AWESOME! Maybe it will inspire some to risk leaving paradise for a visit to us in exile!
Curry Queen reporting from exile in Western Australia
Dear All - It is tough living over here in the dark side away from sunny NQ. The torment of photos of you at Pelorus, the Temptation of Duck Eggs & Ham [hope they are green] on the Strand on Sunday morning ........
So have a look at my skite of the month!!!
We went to the Abrolhos Islands - drive 3 hours North of Perth & hang a leftie. It is like a whole colony of Beaver Cays - only some are big enough to live on! As you can imagine there is a bit of staghorn coral, plate coral, clown fish - so what you say? - so what! so we got to watch Minke whales, sharks, & whatever other fish they were in a feeding frenzie under our boat! so what - the next day we got to push one stranded Minke whale off the coral reef! I looked a Minke Whale in the eye!  Awesome experience - he / she just sat there while we pushed him [didn't ask for directions - must have been a bloke] sideways & back a bit & when he realised he was free he smashed another acre of coral & swam away - only to get stuck again on the other side of the lagoon! He had strengthened up a little in the meantime as the second time we readied ourselves to swim through whale blood in tiger shark infested waters he decided to make a bit more of an effort & got himself off - next to be seen on a school plate in Japan probably!
It is a great dive area & the boat we were on was just fabulous - crayfish & fresh fish every day for lunch - that's the skipper showing me how to hold up my Dhufish caught on a hand line!  Check them out at:- http://www.abrolhoscharters.com.au 
There is always a bed here in Perth for NQUEC travellers - don't listen to the Chabluk's - I have a spare bed now!
There are some good wrecks - Swan, Perth & many others - not very careful over here are they! I will concede the Yongala still wins hands down but we can dive through these & sit on the row of 10+ toilets! The Swan River is a bit of a surprise too - looks rather ordinary from the air but we caught nearly a kilo of prawns & a few crabs in it last night - still making chilli prawn salsa but I catch my own prawns now!



Cheers all & do feel free to drop in - we plan to do the same to you all next year - can we come to Pelorus huh can we huh huh?
Life's a beach but someone has to sit on it!


Forgot - in case anyone does want a bed
Rachel Stone
WA 6935
Hm:  08-93781796
Mob 0424940178

I think the caption speaks for itself

This shot was taken in Fiji and here you see the diver hand feeding a 10 foot long Tiger Shark. 10 feet (3m)does not seem very large unit you see the size of the sharks head in relation to the divers body, I rather view the pictures from my PC than be in the water with the camera! 

For Sale

 Sea & Sea MX-10 Camera with Strobe
 Wide angled lens
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 Macro lens
 All in excellent working condition.
 Not sure on a price but can maybe except offers or talk turkey.
 thanks Fergy


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