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Bowen North Queensland
One of the only places in Queensland where you can shore dive. Situated 200klms south of Townsville it is a comfortable 2 hour drive by car and offers some wonderful coral diving.
below are some pictures just to wet your appetite.
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Divers gearing up ready for a dive in lovely
tropical surroundings



Nowhere else on the coast is the diving this easy
Just walk into the water place you reg in your
mouth and just float off into the bay....lovely


The moment you enter the water, you know
that this is a special place to dive, with large
schools of fish swimming in the shallows



There is so much to explore with many very large boulders and crevices
that are home to all sorts of marine life. it can be exciting too as sometimes
you dont know what you are going to run into round the next boulder


There is much hard coral in the sheltered waters of the bay and many species of fish life as can be seen in the pictures below




As you can see the inshore coral is in very
good condition and so far hasnt been effected by bleaching like other inshore reefs


Once you venture out past the rocky shelter of
the bay (400 yards) you begin to see a change in
the types of coral, better suited to currents and
see many sea fans and many soft corals


Cowrey shells can be found ocasionally like this one

Here you can see a crazy diver (yes we have those in the club too) trying to coax a young Moray Eel out of his home for the camera without loosing his fingers


All kinds of marine life can be seen in this area
and on one dive Dave Clements almost bumped
into a Dugong, dont know who got the biggest

This unusual shot is of a large rock outcrop not far offshore and the photo is taken straight up looking to the surface.
It can be a teriffic spot to dive with much to see although you do need to watch the tides and current as it can whip up very quickly.

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