Dive sites around Townsville
East of Cape Cleveland Section

SITE NAME The Yongala shipwreck
DEPTH RANGE 12 to 30m
TRANSPORTCharter boat. Day trips by Adrenalin dive – (07) 47240600 & Tropical Diving – 1800 776150. Live aboard trips by Mike Ball (07) 40315484.
DISTANCE Around 80k.
MARINE PARK  Marine National Park B zone.
DESCRIPTIONOften described as Australia’s best (wreck) dive site. It is a remarkable dive. The Yongala is the wreck of a steam passenger liner that sank on 14 March 1911. Upright, surprisingly intact and a haven for marine life – often teeming with life!
CONDITIONSVery exposed. Seas often lumpy. However, experienced local skippers normally get you there and in the water. Some unlucky NQUEC members have repeatedly tried to dive the Yongala only to be blown out every time! Consider seasickness tablets.
SEA-LIFE Prolific. Includes lots of pelagic fish, rays, eels, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, huge Queensland groupers.