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The idea for the Dive-Oz website started back in November 1998. As a regular visitor to many websites that are updated daily on many different subjects, I started looking around at Australian Scuba related websites for a site just like what Dive-Oz is now, but could not find any. I found plenty of sites with dive sites and some images, but nothing that was up-to-date at all. Since I was a programmer and designer of websites, I set out to create a new site that would be of interest to as many divers, Australian and foreign as possible. From that initial idea, the Dive-Oz domain name was registered and Dive-Oz Mk I was created.

Dive-Oz MK I took a few weeks to put together, and now, I don't really remember what it even looked like. It had a number of the same info directories as we do now and it even started to attract visitors. Dive-Oz MK I lasted I think about 6 months, before I sat down and laid out a number of changes and expansions until Dive-Oz MK II appeared.

Dive-Oz MK II had a new menu system, was better looking, and had a lot more info and took a couple of months to make all the changes. By this time, the site was getting quite popular, not only with Australian Divers, but with divers from Overseas as well. It was starting to become a well used resource for news and info on Australian scuba diving. Dive-Oz MK II lasted maybe a year, and in that time, more new areas were added. We also had the merger into our site, one of Australia's best resources on Nudibranchs that is run by Wayne Glaskin. But, it wasn't long before the bug hit me again, and armed with suggestions from the regular users of the site, plus my own ideas, Dive-Oz MK III was unleashed.

Dive-Oz MK III was almost a complete re-design, one of the biggest changes being the scrapping of the menu system on the lhs of the screen and moving to a slimline Javascript driven drop down menu system at the top of the screen. More features and areas where added and our first Discussion Forums were opened up for the first time not long after MK III went live. The discussion forums attracted a new group of regular visitors to the site, and it was not long before the forums were racking up large numbers of posts on many different subjects. Again, during the life of this version of the site, many changes were made to many areas of the site. A search engine was created for many of the areas, including; discussion forums, nudibranch gallery, all info directories and the news areas. I also expanded the news areas into a number of new sections and started checking around 70-80 websites every day looking for news items that scuba divers would find interesting. As with all good things, it was time to move on and start looking at MK IV of the site. By the time I had started to think about MK IV of the site, it was nearly 3 years since it all started and I had spent around 2,500 hours, of my time, designing, programming, chasing news and generally looking after the site. it was time for a MAJOR change!

Dive-Oz MK IV of the website saw a TOTAL re-design of every area of the site, including a total re-write of the underlying code bases in each page. The whole look and feel of the site was changed dramatically, a new menu system was implemented, a whole new discussion forum was integrated and a whole slew of site updates, additions and features were made to produce the site you see now. The whole look and feel of the site was finally standardised with a new colour scheme and theme. The total time to put this new site together was around 200+ hours, and even now, I still continue to tweak and change things all the time. As I write this, it's almost the sites 3rd birthday, and in those 3 years, I have seen the number of visitors just keep getting higher and higher and have made many great friends along the way. I think this version of the site will be around for a while yet, but after that, who knows what Dive-Oz MK V could be!

Dive-Oz is a labour of love, for both a sport I enjoy when I can and for a love of programming and attempting to create the biggest and most up-to-date scuba resource about Australian Scuba Diving available on the web today. I hope that I have achieved what I set out accomplish with this site, in my mind, there is always room for improvement, but that's another story. This site is not run by a team of people, it's done by a single person, with the help of some amazing friends. Dive-Oz is here because of the support of it's advertisers, sponsors and most importantly, you the visitor, for without you, there is no point.

Neil Miller (AKA Webguy)

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   UEC is the oldest SCUBA club in Western Australia and has a distinguished history.

UEC was formed in 1954 and two years later conducted Western Australia's first organised SCUBA diving school. The high standard of our instruction impressed the authorities so much that we were given the responsibility of training the original Police Diving Team in Perth.

UEC has always been strongly involved in shipwreck exploration. In the 1960's and 70's our members provided the core of workers for the early museum expeditions on the Dutch wrecks such as the famous Batavia. Many wrecks on our cost were discovered by UEC members.    

What We Offer
Low cost diving for our Club members.
Regular weekend diving from our own "Underwater Explorer"
We dive with people we know.
NO need to BYO dive buddy! We provide you with a suitable partner.
We offer in-house training to become a Club Skipper and/or D.O.
We arrange popular mini-holidays at Rottnest each year.
You get a monthly newsletter to keep you informed and up to date.
Monthly general meetings with guest speaker and/or slides/video.
Social events where your non-diving family and friends are welcome.
..... and there is MORE!
We invite all prospective members for a day out on our dive vessel

This way you can: check us out; have a great dive in a safe environment ("rusty" divers welcome); experience the friendly "extended family" atmosphere we are so famous for.




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