NQUEC North Queensland Underwater Explorers Club

Balding Bay
Dec 23rd 02 Today we dived balding bay, an area I dived 15 years ago and havent bothered much with since. Usually it is close and handy to Ochid Rocks and we often pull in for lunch in this bay. Because the weather was not so good we decided to dive the sheltered side of this bay and got quite a surprise.
One aspect of this bay is that it can alway be found to be clear when other areas are not.

What a shock, diving the northerly side was pretty ordinary, however the Cape Cleveland side was nothing short of amazing. This is more shelterd and has a fantasic aray of rock formations and flat sandy bottom, large gutters and caves. On the tops of the bolders is a thick mat of kelp mixed in with this are patches of hard and soft coral. There are many verticle cliffs rising 10m from the bottom and the walls are covered with all kinds of crustations. Fish life was nothing short of amazing with large school of Yellow Tail, Slatey Brim, with many juvaniles including Turum, Trevally, Sweet Lip and Coral Trout.

If you look closely at the picture above you will see just how colourful this area is.